Disposing of IT

Thanks to the increasing hardware demands by the latest programs, the computers you purchased for your business a couple of years ago might not be able to run those software properly. It is time for you to bid adieu to your old computers and purchase new ones whose hardware can meet the demand of your software. However, think twice before dumping your PC in the garbage vat, or in the nearest landfill. This rule holds true for your other IT equipment too such as your routers, modems, printers, etc. All of them contain circuit boards that have heavy metals such as lead and chromium. They, along with the cabinet of your monitor are non biodegradable. This means they remain in the soil. Over time, the toxic metals leech into the ground, and from there they spread to local water bodies, and contaminate the soil too. Trees in your neighbourhood suck up these toxins when they draw water from the soil. Fishes and other marine life in the ponds die because of exposure to salts formed by these metals when they come in contact with other reagents. Instead of disposing your IT garbage in your trash bin or in the local garbage dump, assign the task to a professional IT disposal company.

Extra information about IT disposal

Read the instruction manual

Read the instruction manual that came with your electronic device. Chances are that the manufacturer of the device has a disposal plan. In such a scenario, contact them via the phone number provided. They will send their personnel over to your place and collect the equipment, pack it heavy cardboard boxes, and take it to their factory for reprocessing. They will first salvage all working parts, categorize them, and store them separately. They will then segregate the plastic components (monitor cover, connector plugs, and sockets) from the electronic parts, and melt the plastic parts and use the plastic recovered to create new monitor covers and other plastic components. They will then melt the metals and separate all of them. For your information, the circuit board of your computer and of other IT equipment contains precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum, apart from toxic metals such as chromium and lead. Once processed, they will use these metals while manufacturing new circuit boards or other IT equipment parts. This helps them keep the prices of new equipment under control.

What to do if the computer vendor does not have a disposal plan?

Search online for IT disposal companies, in case the computer vendor does not have a disposal plan. Contact those located nearest from your home or office and request them to pick up your old IT gadgets. Remember to either damage or destroy all the data on your computer's hard disk drive in case you plan to dispose that too. Do not opt for companies that charge a hefty fee for IT disposal. Search online, you will find many companies that actually pay you a small sum for disposing your computer. They earn money by extracting the precious metals from your computer and selling it to computer manufacturers.